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Player Characters
Cary Forsythe: Focused Practitioner
Liam Fitzpatrick: Wizard
Ruby Sangare: Changeling
Victoria Seersucker: Cat Burglar
Zahir Nadadur: Shapeshifter

Notable NPCs
Amber Johnson: Owner of Flights of Fantasy Bookstore
Blair Scott: Winter Court Faerie, Troll
David Basset: Owner of Neutral Grounds Coffeehouse
Edward Stark: Winter Knight
Franklin: Summer Court Noble
Hendrick von Steuben: Black Court Vampire
Juan Bonilla: Head of a local group of shape shifters
Lillianna: Summer Lady of the Summer Faerie Court
Martin Caputi: NYPD Detective
Patel Rajaraj: Red Court Vampire
Patrick Stewart: Head of the White Council, North American Region
Ray Kelly: Head of the NYPD
Rusty Shackleford: White Court Vampire, Owner of XLR8 Nightclub

Notable Locations
City Hall Train Station: Winter Court HQ
Flights of Fantasy: Occult bookstore
Lenox Hill Hospital: Red Court Vampire HQ
Neutral Grounds: Coffee shop, local hangout for those ‘in the know’
NYPD 5th Precinct: Special Occult NYPD Taskforce
NYPL Jefferson Branch: White Council HQ
The Ramble: Summer Court HQ
Randall’s Island: Black Court Vampire HQ
XLR8: White Court Vampire HQ

Retired PCs
Kaze Hisoka: Emissary of Power
Setter Griswold: True Believer
Zeke Middleton: Apprentice Wizard

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