Realms' End

Taking Chances

In which our heroes learn some inportant information before getting arrested and locked up.

Lillianna, Summer Lady of the Summer Court, provided some much needed information (freely, no less) when they group went to see her about the nature spirit that was discovered at Flights of Fantasy. She told them that the Winter Court was attacked by some unknown supernatural player and a powerful magical artifact was taken from them. No one knows what was taken and they won’t say either. Whoever has it, however, does not seem to be able to use it. The objects that were recently stolen from local museums are somehow involved, but their exact purpose is still unclear.

The group decided to try and use the nature spirit as bait by putting it up for sale on the magical black market. Victoria Seersucker got in touch with a fence she knows and within an hour, three offers had been received. One from the White Court Vampires ($1 million), one from the Red Court Vampires ($1.2 million) and one from an anonymous source ($1.25 million). Accepting the highest offer led to a drop at Columbus Circle with a pure mortal. Through magical means he was tailed downtown where he ended up stopping right in from of the NYPD 5th Precinct. The car everyone else was in was immediately surrounded by a SWAT team and everyone was arrested. Setter Griswold traveled separately from everyone else and remained free.

While the group was being held in a cell underground, a group of Red Court Vampires made a daring assault on the police station. Ray Kelly’s special unit appeared to be adequately prepared to deal with such a threat. A deal was brokered between Kelly and Liam and everyone was released.



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