Realms' End

Night Work

White Council Incident Report

Warden: Liam Fitzpatrick
Nature of Incident: Stolen gems; framing of Warden
Victims (H: Human; N: Non-Human) Myself (H/Wizard); Museum of Natural History
Suspects (include identifiers such as warlock, fey, White Court, etc.): Five unseen humanoid figures; Winter Court; Zeke (substance abuse)
Other Involved Parties: The bum (human?); Zahir (Were-Sabretooth); Zeke (H/Wizardish); Martin (H/Psychometry)
Items Taken: Eight gemstones (1 recovered)

Details of Event: Got call @ 3am from Martin saying my prints were on scene @ MoNH. Called in Zeke (still drunk—drugs??) and the wereguy Zahir. Outside museum a bum gave us an emerald he found on street—appears to be one of missing gems.

Action Taken: Snuck inside using veil spell & opened Third Eye. Five figures stole the gems & planted my prints, then escaped into Nevernever via portal. Once outside, Zeke opened Third Eye (also bloodshot/dilated) & spotted figure dropping something—probably the emerald. Definite aura of evil around emerald. Next step: fey contacts? Stinks of Winter Court…

DM Note: The ‘bum’ referred to is Setter.



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