Realms' End

A Troll's Bargain

The group surrounding Liam Fitzpatrick, Warden of NYC, is a…curious collection of individuals. Joining them in the aftermath of their battle with ghouls and an unknown wizard, I saw the familiar faces of Ruby and Zahir—both former allies of mine from previous assignments. I’m always intrigued at the crossing and recrossing of lives. And in the supernatural realm these crossing are never dull.

True to form, within moments of me introducing myself to the group, Ruby was tearing open a jagged hole to the Nevernever (poor Fitzpatrick-san suffering from a head injury) and we were enveloped in cold winds and dense snow. The keen senses of Zahir lead us in the footsteps of our quarry, the mystery mage, who had taken the nature spirit that is desired by so many (including my own master).

The blizzard conditions made our trek hard and eventually Fitzpatrick-san took flight to scout ahead (this wizard wields the power of wind to some degree…I take that as a goodsign). He encountered a great troll who is a mighty noble of the Fey Winter Court who strongly warned us to abandon our quest and turn back. Naturally the urges of my master
within me roared with frustration, but I believe this is only a sidestep to my ultimate mission.

The troll noble told us the mage we seek is much more powerful than we and he wants the nature spirit to use in a great act of magic. Of course this information came at a cost and Fitzpatrick-san agreed to do a favor for the troll.

Back in the natural world, we proceeded to a nightclub owned by a contact of the troll noble’s…a vampire who apparently desires Fitzpatrick-san. The task involves us moving some sort of illicit substance for the fey creatures in 2 days time.

Later, we met with the police chief to give an update (apparently a common part of the Warden’s duties) where Ruby acted most disrespectfully to the chief (I was shocked she could get away with such shenanigans!).

Our briefing complete, our group dispersed to attend to personal matters and prepare for our “favor” to the fey. Fitzpatrick-san said he would make some escape potions and I went to commune with my master. Sitting in meditation, the roaring wind filling every sense, I heard one command over and over: Complete the task at all costs.



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